Web and Graphic Design Services

"Steve Walker with Perfect Computers and cindy kennedy with artemis studios have teamed up to bring the best Web, Graphic and Multimedia Services available to you!"

Multimedia and Design

We provide a variety of multimedia and design services to our customers including eCommerce and extraordinary video production. Our goal is to develop your brand so that it stands apart from the others.

Professional and Engaging Web Design Services

We provide a full range of web design services to make you stand out from your competitors.

Building Brands to Your Satisfaction

We create identities that visually enhance your brand.

eCommerce/Online Shopping Cart

Fast and Simple Online Transactions!  

With eCommerce, you are able to build and grow into a prosperous online business.

Photography & Video Production

Amazing Video Footage and Photography!

We create incredible videos, including unique aerial footage, that could be used for commercials or promotions to benefit your business.

Get You & What You Do Online!

Cindy Kennedy: 805-967-8866                     Steve Walker: 805-259-9598  cindy@artemisstudios.com                           swalkersb@gmail.com