"The ATM is a very important addition to our business and proves to be every night" - Bob and Dawn Stout, owners of Wildcat Lounge, Santa Barbara.

"My staff told me the ATM would work and I am a believer now. Steve came in a moved a trash can and the ATM provides much added revenue each month." - Bob Moss, owner of McConnell's Ice Cream on Mission in Santa Barbara.

"I remember Steve Walker dropping into my gas station one morning asking if I would like an ATM. I was a bit hesitant, but the ATM has been there now 10 years and all my customers use it." - Tom Price, owner of Winchester Union76, Goleta.

"In March 2006, Steve Walker installed a Tranax 1500 Mini Bank ATM in my Mini-Mart store at 439 State St., Santa Barbara--Steve is very knowledgeable in the ATM field. . . . I should have put in the ATM 6 years sooner! - John Chaves, owner.

"I've been working with Steve Walker for 12 years. Steve understands the importance of running a small busines and because of that he always makes the time no matter how small or big the task is. He's always available and ensures that my ATM is always in perfect working order. I recommend him for your business too! - Diane Harding, owner of Madisons Sports Grill on State Street, Santa Barbara.